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Basement No. 1, Parth Astha Building, Opp. Pillar No. 5, Jagdeo Path Bailey Road, Patna- 14

+91 - 7277349202
Quality Policy

Our Quality Management System bears manifold objectives and gains. We apply it to :

1. Reward our customers' expectations and appreciation to pursue new avenues in innovation and excellence.
2. Train and retain invaluable resources of talent, expertise and creativity by cherishing them as a family.
3. Ensure continuous growth and higher profitability.

Our quality process includes:

1. Verifying and validating both existing and new program functions
2. Researching improvements to add to the quality of our products.
3. Helping to define and improve our products through involvement with our employees and our customers.
4. onducting internal quality audits and management review for an ongoing evaluation and improvement of our quality system.
5. Our quality planning includes tooling and process development, a product specific control plan, training plans and a training matrix for all employees and verification and validation of all property prior to being handed over to our customers.

We aim to contribute socially to as many customers as possible through our real estate operations.


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